When Making Decisions,

Test Before you Proceed.

​​​​​​​​​​​Filter out suitable candidates for a talented, better-quality pool.

Measure the candidates on Skill, Personality & Ability
Candidates choose a domain & takes an eligibility test to know their skill score.

We are India’s largest assessment and recruitment consulting company.

We conduct eligibility tests for the students. Each training module (course) is designed and tested by the industry experts in the respective domains.

  • Dipsons help the students for admissions in top universities & colleges across different countries word wide. With the network of best educational consultants, we offer the students to check and apply for the universities of their choice. Post eligibility test we also help the students in availing educational loans in case if they need it.
  • Dipsons help the companies for hiring freshers by testing them in the core domain skills that are required by the companies much before they start their interviews, the hiring managers would get to know the depth of the domain knowledge the candidate has based on his / her scores.
  1. Enables our clients to get talented students who perform better on their job.

  2. 75% of students who found carrer through us had an superior experience.

  3. All clients serviced have reported high satisfaction level.

  4. Customers include from start-ups companies to top universities.

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