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Crowdsourcing is the hiring platform where recruiters earn two ways:
filling new jobs with your existing talent pool,
and sourcing new candidates for your client’s hard-to-fill roles.
It’s a growth engine that massively scales..

Super Simple|Reliable|Flexible|Easy Online Crowdsourcing Platform

Purpose-built for staffing agencies

  • Intelligent job distribution delivers matched opportunities to your dashboard daily
  • Recruiter team management tools help you collaborate and manage workflow
  • Intuitive and interactive interface to facilitate, streamline and automate the talent acquisition and applicant tracking process
  • Real-time performance reports and insights at your fingertips
  • Employer of record services available with complete onboarding, payroll and compliance


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    When the candidate is hired, we can handle onboarding, compliance and payroll. You simply sit back and get paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join? What are the criteria for suppliers to join?
Our application and onboarding process is straightforward and simple. First let us know you are interested by filling out a quick form. We will evaluate it quickly.
Once approved you’ll receive instructions to create an account. You'll receive a login with instructions on how to use your dashboard and you can start to review jobs and submit candidates right away.
Crowdsourcing recruiters have proven expertise in their domains and geographies. Some are independent, many are teams with established agencies.
How are you different from traditional hiring marketplaces?
Dipsons Crowdssourcing was purpose-built for recruiters. Intelligent job aggregator pushes Job Openings accross all domains you can work on the positions & locations you prefer to the expertise. Recruiter team management tools help you collaborate and manage workflow. Talent Advisors vet your submissions and coach you on how to meet individual hiring manager needs.
Unlike many comapnies that work on freelancer module Dipsons Crowdsourcing makes the talent aquisiation more easy and fun filled with lots of recruitment tools. We understand you as a recruiter and our research on the tools are based on the practical challanges the recruiters face in their recruitment cycle.
Who are your clients? How many new jobs are added each week and where?
Reliance, Wipro, Amazon and Uber are just some of the brand name clients that are on the DipsonsCrowdsourcing marketplace today. You have full access to all of the roles and opportunity to fill as many as you can handle. No business development, RFP’s or client contracts needed. We handle it all for you.
Our sales team is developing new MSP clients and Direct Client engagements on a regular basis, so we are adding new clients and hundreds of jobs every week all across the India. And you can fill jobs from where you are today.
How do I get paid?
Potential earnings are calculated per closure and you get to determine the placement fees in the position list in your application. When you fill the successful position you are paid just like a direct placement at an aggreed rate. This means you receive payment rate for each candidate that your placement works. Once the retention period completes you get paid for all the active candidates on the job.