What is TFH & How do I become a TFH ?
TFH stands for Talent From Home basically this is a freelancer HR job which works online. To become a TFH you need to purchase an ID from us, after that you will be able to login into our software, basically you will be working on recruitment & other services of Dipsons as an extended wing for us.
How much money can I make?
You can make money on average of 5,000 - 10,000 if you dedicate 4 Hrs - 8 Hrs in a day. You will be paid as follows for your work.
  • 70% of the payout offered by our clients when you close their position.
  • 10% of the payout if we use your resume to close any of the positions.
  • 10% of the payout when you make the tie-up of Dipsons with the companies, irrespective of who closes the position.
  • 30% of the recharge amount when you offer our prepaid recharge to companies.
  • Rs.2 for every resume updated by you.
  • Huge income of the online course fees, you just pay us Rs.750 per student & rest is yours!
  • Promote any of our IT services like websites, softwares, mobile apps, etc. & earn an margin on them.
  • What will I get if I become a TFH ?
    You will get an offer letter & experience letter from Dipsons, which gives you an identity of working & for those who are already working this experience letter can be used to cover the gap between your jobs. You can clearly tell you were working as freelancer for that jobless period.
    Do I get a training & support for TFH?
    Yes, we will be training you on our software online once you become a TFH. Upon login you also get the chat support from Mon - Sat from 10.00 Am to 6.00 Pm
    How much I have to pay to become a TFH?
    We charge Rs.1500 only as a maintenance fees, this money is used to offer webspace, training, support, software maintenance, etc. This is a one time payment for life time service & as per our company policy this fees is not refundable as it will be invested for enhancing the software and other works.
    Tips for Increasing Your TFH Income
    Post our jobs on lots of websites, social medias, etc. to attract job seekers this increases your resume database and its always better to visit colleges, institutes or job fairs for getting more job seekers, the more resumes you have the more positions you can close easily. You can also make a daily schedule to follow up with companies & students for our services
    What happens to my TFH ID if i am unable to work for long time?
    Your ID might get blocked temporarily to avoid the risk of misuse in case you want to restart using your ID just make us a call & after verification of your personal details the ID will get reactivated.
    How do I get my payment after working?
    You have to provide us your bank account details the amount will be credited directly to your account, once you have completed any work, you have to raise the invoice for us the format will be shared with you. Upon receipt of your invoice the payment will be processed