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Why choose Us?

WE NOTE IT.To Understand Your Requirments.

The very first step we start noting your requirements. This helps us to do a work out with our team in detail and best possible solutions we can offer you.

Why choose Us?

WE DISCUSS.To Redefine your Application.

We represent you with the solutions we have worked out based on your requirements. We discuss the pros & cons, with applicable solutions. Once approved by you we take it to the next stage.

Why choose Us?

WE EXECUTE IT.Make our Customers Happy.

Project Management is a unique style of each IT Company, we do it in most feasible way. Our styles are followed with universal coding standards, this helps you even in the future if you deside to move with any IT team.

Lines of Codes
KBs of HTML Files
No. of Projects
Hours of Coding


Some of the Things You Wish To Know About Us.

We are a part of DIPSONS CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD which was established in the year 2005 in INDIA. As a professional IT Company in Dharwad, we will develop your business software to IT infrastructure according to your needs. We offer our services in very simple steps, we keep almost all applications you are searching for ready to deploy, just search an application view a demo & if required we customize it as per your requirement before we deploy it, else use our website to send us your requirement through contact us page.

At our web development company Dharwad, we have a team of 50+ skilled engineers and 7+ years of expertise in web design, web development and web marketing business. As the prime web designing companies Dharwad, we continue to still work on your website until you're 100 percent proud of each and every aspect and we will keep you informed about the complete web design and web development method.

Our SEO Services in Dharwad performs an important part in position and product constructing of your website. People all over the world look for internet for some details and before trading any product or services of a company. With our top SEO Services in Dharwad you can produce a wonderful and managing website that attracts your prospective customers who are looking for the product or services that you are providing.

DIPSONS focuses on understanding our clients’ desires, delivering IT Development Services & IT solutions at the correct cost and required speed. In line with DIPSONS customer-oriented strategy, we stay very flexible in constructing partnerships and collaborations with our clients. Our quite expansive list of managed IT development services will be delivered in the form of either Outsourcing or Outstaffing, according to the client’s desires and needs.

Our aim is to understand your business objectives and to be considered a critical arm of your organization; your success is a measure of our success. We focus on developing easy, efficient, and effortless solutions for our clients. We also assure fast turnaround time, without any compromise on quality.

DIPSONS TECH CORP Dharwad India is providing Web Development Services, Enterprise Resource Planning, IT Development, Software Product Development, Web Application Management, IT Staffing Services, Software Testing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing services, Multimedia Services, Web Design Services, Flash designing, Corporate presentations to overseas clients. For us money is secondary, what is important is completing the task on time and a long term, positive relationship with our clients. Under-promise, Over-deliver is the guiding force for us!

Skills we are Perfect in


"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."


List of our services.

Mobile Apps

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.

UI & Graphics

Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Displays with Retina Icons, Fonts & Images.

Web Applications

Optimized code that are completely customizable and deliver unmatched fast performance.

Contract Staffing

Indian & International contracts for specific IT Skills requirments, our unique method of sourcing will help our clients to close their requirements faster.

Networking & Server Management

When it comes to server managenement & administration, we offer best & flexible maintainance contracts.


Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization possibilities.

Customised Software

Change your Website's Primary Scheme instantly by simply adding the dark class to the body.

SEO Services

Stretch your Website to the Full Width or make it boxed to surprise your visitors.

Digital Marketing

We have covered each & everything in our Documentation including Videos & Screenshots.


Your software is behind your business, but who is behind you?


  • Full Access
  • Source Files
  • Small Developers Team.
  • Uncertainty of long-term existence.
  • They may resell your source codes.


Most Popular
  • Full Access
  • Source Files
  • NDA to secure your source code & business plan
  • 13 Years old business
  • Smooth project handling within TAT


  • Full Access
  • Source Files
  • Fluctuate as per their workloads.
  • Dependency on one person.
  • Uncertainty of long-term existence.
  • They may resell your source codes.


  • Full Access
  • Source Files
  • High cost of salaries for small part of business.
  • Limitation of his / her Knowledge.
  • Uncertainty of job.
  • Fails in knowledge transfer.

What Clients say?

Some of our Clients love us & so we do!

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Our Company's Values
We value our customer satisfaction on the first priority, we just wont provide you the service we love what ever we do so that you get best satifaction on your application.
How to get Support?
A dedicated project manager will be with you from the start of your application till the final delivery, post completion we are always with you for any kind of support.
Where can you find us?
Dipsons Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd,
Mangalwar Peth,
Opp Central School No.1,
Near Gandhi Chowk,
Dharwad - 58001
Tel: 0836-2444378 Email: dipsonstechcorp@gmail.com.
Why you choose our Company?
As a professional GC Company in Dharwad, we will develop your business software to IT infrastructure according to your needs. We offer our services in very simple steps & complete it within time.

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