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How I Improved My Communication Skills In One Easy Lesson

At a recent job fair I attended as an employer I was more fascinated as I walked through the stalls of many companies I noticed “Good communication skills required” written in their Job Descriptions, moving further I was observing the recruiters and HR professionals in the interview panel were busy discussing & shooting their questions to the Job Seekers, Communication skills is always referred to the spoken English skills in India. I felt so painful to see the job seekers carrying dozens of resumes in their hands hopping from one stall to another, they didn’t even bother to see what the requirements are in these companies? They just pushed themselves with the eagerness of getting the jobs and unfortunately, they walked out with their sad faces because of their rejections.

Sitting at a corner in my stall observing the activities I was faded in my dream for a moment, believe me though I studied in an English medium school right from my Kinder Garden I hardly was able to communicate in English when I passed out of the school, it was the time I realised the importance of this communication skills when I was seeking a Job in call centre, I was rejected In more than 25 interviews on the grounds of poor communication skills, recruiters gave me different feed backs like poor grammar, strong MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) etc. I was bugged up roaming around to these call centres in those heavy traffics. India is a county where not only many languages are spoken even region wise the accent differs in fact the words itself differ, how can one get that so-called neutral English required for the call centres.

How I got my first call center job?

Well I was almost bugged up of rejections and thought this is not my cup of tea however I was still wondering and enthused to know how I will overcome this? and this is what helped me to over come communication skills.

Most of us construct the sentences (think) in our mother tongue and translate it in English which is the root cause of making grammatical mistakes, we never think in English and speak in English, so I started a simple habit to speak to myself in English of whatever I do like while walking on roads, while eating, while bathing, while talking to friends etc e.g. when on roads speak to yourself what you see like “ I can see a red car coming, the car is beautiful there are many cars which are white, black and blue in colour. The Pearson in the red car looks handsome, I wish to buy the car. The lady next to me is wearing yellow saree, she is very old... etc.” This exercise will transform you to speak English fluently and your flow improves in next 7 – 10 days itself. Doing this I landed in my first call centre job within a week. I am sure this will help you to improve your communication. Just remember stop thinking in regional language and translating to English. Think in English to speak in English.

Thank you for reading!

Blog written by Raghavendra Dipali