Full Stack PHP Developer (Views : 61)   250Course Price :

Kapil Katti (IT Entreprenuer) - My cource will help you to become a Full stack Developer. You can either seek the Jobs or be an independent freelance PHP Developer. After the course you will be able to dev...continue reading

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What you'll learn?
CHAPTER 1 - Introduction to Web Application View More

CHAPTER 2 - HyperText Markup Language (HTML) View More

CHAPTER 3 - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) View More

CHAPTER 4 - Installing PHP and SQL View More

CHAPTER 5 - Introduction to PHP View More

CHAPTER 6 - PHP Arrays View More

CHAPTER 7 - PHP Functions View More

CHAPTER 8 - PHP and HTML Forms View More

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Corporate Communication (Views : 99)   250Course Price :

RAGHAVENDRA DIPALI (Language & Accent Trainer) - This Course is designed to make you an effictive communicatior, where you will learn corporate communicaition both oral & written. This builds your self confide...continue reading

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What you'll learn?
Written & Oral Communication View More

Email Etiquette View More

Telephone Etiquette for Business Deals View More

Soft Skills View More

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Accounting & Financial Management (Views : 62)   250Course Price :

Take your understanding of accounting and finance to the next level with the Accounting & Financial Management from Dipsons E-SIKSHA.

This course is ideal for people seeking employment in the accounting, business and...continue reading

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What you'll learn?
Comprehensive Study on GST View More

Tally ERP 9.0 with GST View More

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Talent From Home (TFH) (Views : 20)   250Course Price :

This course is intended for the study on Dipsons ATS software and online recruitment which is populary known as TFH. This is a job oriented course after finising you will obtain a certificate and login credentials...continue reading

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What you'll learn?
Online Recruitment View More

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) View More

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Basics of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) (Views : 2)   250Course Price :

We are happy to greet you for choosing your career as a PHP Developer, please be intimated that we have created all possible efforts to cover all that is required for an beginner in PHP. The couse prepares you to manage and handle the verious PHP Projects w...continue reading

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What you'll learn?
Chapter 1 - Introduction to PHP View More

Chapter 2 - Xammp & NetBeans View More

Chapter 3 - Data Types, Var & Oper View More

Chapter 4 - PHP Comments View More

Chapter 5 - PHP Arrays View More

Chapter 6 – PHP Control Structures View More

Chapter 7 - PHP Loop View More

Chapter 8 – PHP Strings View More

Chapter 9 – PHP Functions View More

Chapter 10 – PHP Forms Handling View More

Chapter 11 - PHP Session & PHP Cookies View More

Chapter 12 – PHP File Processing View More

Chapter 13 – Error Handling and Exception View More

Chapter 14 – Regular Expression View More

Chapter 15 - PHP Mail View More

Chapter 16 – Mysql, PHP & Access Methods View More

Chapter 17 – PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) View More

Chapter 18 – PHP Date Functions View More

Chapter 19 – PHP Security View More

Chapter 20 – PHP & XML View More

Chapter 21 – Case Study Opinion Poll App View More

Chapter 22 – PHP AJAX View More

Chapter 23 – PHP MVC Framework View More

Chapter 24 – PHP Vs JavaScript View More

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