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Placement Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT (the agreement)is made between DIPSONS CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT.LTD herein referred as “consultancy” having its registered office at Mangalwar Peth, Opp Central School, Dharwad


[Your Company Name] having its registered office at [Your Office Address] Herein after referred as the “client”.

Whereas the DIPSONS CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT.LTD represents that it is capable of providing recruitment and certain other services for organization and is desirous of providing such service to the “client” and whereas the “client” is desirous of availing the services of DIPSONS CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT.LTD on the terms mentioned below.


  1. Service:
    DIPSONS CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT.LTD in accordance with instruction and requirements as may be issued by the “client” from time to time: (a) Identify and shortlist potential candidates for placement (“Prospects”) (b) Screen the prospects. (C) Assist in interviewing the prospects (d) Coordinate communication between the “client” and prospect (e) such other services in relation to identifying and sourcing personnel.

  2. Consultancy Charges:
    Administrative charges for the search assignment should be paid @ 15 days salary offered to the selected candidate from the candidate salary. The details for deduction are as below
    • Bill will be raised after the 30th day from the date of joining the client company
    • We will raise the invoice in the candidate name and send to the client for deduction of the salary and ake the payment.
    • All bills have to be cleared within 7 days of raising the invoice. Post we will charge 10% of the outstanding invoice amount as late payment charges for every 10 days delayed.
    • The late payment charges have to be paid from the client company & not charged to the candidate
    • The above administrative charges are exclusive of service tax.
    • We don’t promise any retention guarantee for the above service.

  3. Offer letters to Candidates:
    Upon selection decision the client will inform the candidate of the selection and also the deduction of 15 days salary in the first month of their service for the convenience of the “client” for deduction and avoid confusions at the time of deduction. After the candidate accepts the “client” offer the “consultancy” has to be informed the gross monthly salary offered to the candidate for billing purpose

  4. Validity of Terms :
    The above terms are valid till further notice and are subject to change from time to time. Any revision in terms will be communicated to the company in writing

  5. Tenure of Agreement:
    This Agreement shall come into force from the date of execution of the Agreement by both parties and this agreement is effective from the date of execution and valid till further notice. Either party may terminate the same by serving one month written notice to the other party. Any dispute arising out of or pursuant to this Agreement shall be subject to jurisdiction of Courts in Dharwad and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of such Courts.